Properly obtaining Paint Booth Filtration in wet spray operations, requires compliance and understanding of OSHA and EPA regulations. OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] is tasked with worker safety and requires that paint overspray be efficiently evacuated from the paint chamber. This entails having an adequate exhaust system, as well as, proper filters. Proper filtration will allow air flow with the least amount of paint loss and clean air quality. This is especially critical within enclosed spray booths that require air intake filters to prevent dust from entering the paint chamber.

Crossdraft Paint Booth Filtration


Powder coating booths are different, as you can see in the diagram, the air being circulated through the booth will be re-entering the plant. These filters need to be properly maintained with a visible check list attached and easy viewed for plant managers and employees.

In addition to noncompliance with OSHA and EPA, improper Paint Booth Filtration selection can result in higher paint costs, product rejects, safety hazards and significant maintenance cleanup costs.

Improper or untimely change-out of spent paint booth exhaust filters can result in the same, if not worse, problems that are normally associated with improper filter selection.

Examples of OSHA Regulations
Construction. Paint Booths shall be constructed substantial of steel, securely and rigidly supported, or made of concrete or masonry except that of aluminum or other substantial noncombustible material may be used for intermittent or low volume spraying. Spray booths shall be designed to sweep air currents toward the exhaust outlet.

Floors. The floor surface of spray booth and operator's working area, if combustible, shall be covered with noncombustible material of such character as to facilitate the safe cleaning and removal of residues.

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Distribution or Baffle plates. Distribution or baffle plates, if installed to promote an even flow of air through the booth or cause the deposit of overspray before it enters the exhaust duct, shall be of noncombustible material and readily removable or accessible on both sides for cleaning. Such plates not be located in exhaust ducts.

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The Manometer is designed to measure the differential pressure drop of air flow from the front of the filter face [ inside the spray booth ] versus behind the filter back [ towards the exhaust fan.] This shows the booth operator when the air flow is restrictive to the point of falling below OSHA's requirements, telling the operator the filters need to be changed.

The EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] is tasked with protecting air quality and requires a filtering of a percent of paint overspray particulate from being airborne through exhaust stacks protruding through the manufacturing plant's roof.

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